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Hi. I got a job in Gujarat Apollo. Basically into Manufacturing of… 
29th-Jan-2010 02:13 am
I got a job in Gujarat Apollo. Basically into Manufacturing of Heavy Machineries used in road construction. Ill be working in Apollo Earthmover (assembly) Plant. This is newest and 6th unit of the group. (http://www.apollo.co.in/) Good is, pick-up and drop would be there from near by my home. As it's 20 kms away. Place is called Khatraj, Kalol Taluk,G'nagar Dist. Hope you get it now.

I'll need to start things all over again as a fresher as this would be my 1st exp. in product industry.
As told to me, I'll be co-ordinating manufacturing, assembly and sales in near future.
Salary pehle se kamm hai, because of various reasons. But I feel no prob. Sala 1 co. me 1 month muft me offer karke aaya tha.

BTW Hiral ko kuch din pehle job laga...She is promoting a resort in A'bad corporates for Professional utilities like conferences, meets, training prog etc. (http://www.khanvelresort.com/ ) She is enjoying it but need quite travelling though unlink B'lore.

Chalo bhaiyo and bhabhiyo,
Take Care.
(Deleted comment)
29th-Jan-2010 08:54 am (UTC) - Re: congo :)
Thank You..(Uncoo here after a long time)

Ha means, won't be a very white collar job. May be off white or mild coffee at times.

Ya hope to get more responsibility yar, bethe bethe muft ka salary leke thak gaya tha...

Joining next week.

29th-Jan-2010 07:29 am (UTC) - congo :)
Badhai ho aap dono ko:)
29th-Jan-2010 04:38 pm (UTC)
Jiyo!!!! Ye muft ka salary kya hai??
29th-Jan-2010 04:46 pm (UTC) - Congrats yaar....
Ab tere ko apne jaisa kuch mila hai... lage rah...

I'll be co-ordinating manufacturing,...,
Ab tu co-ordination haath mein le hi lega....
31st-Jan-2010 07:35 am (UTC) - Saaru che :-)
ohoooo.. so confirm ho hi gaya ye :-) Good man.. Congratzzz

so u now setting up ur base in Gujju land.. how do u see the growth opportunities there.. As Nunes said, seems coordination tere haath me bahut jaldi aayehga :-)
waise acha hua, u n Hiral did not have to wait for long after leaving Blore na..

Good Luck to u both..
31st-Jan-2010 10:09 am (UTC)
@Kauwa...Last job me kuch khaas kam nahi milta tha. Felt like, don't deserve that salary.

@Vishal..Ha yar confirm ho gaya hai.
Base ? Itna strategic nahi soch pata hu bhai....

Growth opportunities depends on the Industry you work in. Knowledge base ppl won't like it much here... Uper se yaha pe traditional thinking se business jyada hota hai...so growth, perks and other jargons are not much implemented.

B'lore chhod ke kafi regret bhi kiya as it's been 2 months and we were frustrated badly. Hope to do better now.

Nunu bola...Aisa ho jaye to tere muh me....Chod..shweta is terrific cook..wo tuje must khilati hai..

BTW, I was operated for tonsils yesterday. They had got worse and were out of control for any kinda medication. Pain and last night were hell. Ajib sa situation hota hai after operation...While removing tonsils ur blood get's stuck in your throat. Also bleeding from nose takes place, as they pass a pipe through it.

Uper se ice-creams are advised...That made a deadly combo..ice-cream created cough..that sticky one. So raat ko, couldn't exhale the air as cough doesn't let air pass through throat. Every half an hour, somehow had to remove blood clotted cough. It was a pool of those ugly stuff man. Anyways, after 24 Hrs, I'm doing great. I can talk slowly and pain remained is very little. Normal hone me 10 din honge. Job bhi tabhi se join karunga.

Hope you all know...Muje logo se jyada thand lagti thi..Sardi bhi bahut jaldi hoti thi...gala kharab ho jata tha...aur me...me...Haldi khaya karta tha...that was the beginning of this problem. Ab batao...tum logo ne mera kitna mazzak udaya tha...hui guilty?
3rd-Feb-2010 01:21 pm (UTC)
hey thats really a good news ....congratulation ....banglore mein hote toh hum log party karte ....
3rd-Feb-2010 03:35 pm (UTC)
Come on......I was operated when I was 13. I had great time..living on ice-creams and cold drinks for one full month.
3rd-Feb-2010 03:54 pm (UTC)
1 month?? I'm Surprised...13 around is ideal age for fast recovery and overload for ice-creams. Shouldn't take more than a week.

It would take longer as in 'adulthood'. I'm loving ice cream too man..

Ho guys..hope those 2 cough lines didn't disgust anyone...I thought to remove it later.

(Deleted comment)
4th-Feb-2010 07:53 pm (UTC)
Old age mein it's not advisable man. So read it without bias. :P

Yeah my lil dirty corrupt watchmen of body (As doc. explained) were worn off...totally old.
(Deleted comment)
7th-Feb-2010 06:35 am (UTC) - Re: Great news!
Oh true to it's nature, but family has been great in this. Worst is sitting at home when you know pizza delivery can fetch you 100rs a day but you ain't doing that too.
7th-Feb-2010 04:29 pm (UTC) - Re: Great news!
Past ko ab goli maar.....Worst is over I suppose.....Thakur Saala India aake chala gaya....Pata bhi nahi chala...Karne kya aaya tha??
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