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31st-Dec-2009 08:43 pm - New Year 2010

Hi Everyone,

   Happy New Year 2010 to all the Sphinxian
  Hope for more good news ahead from all of us......

20th-Dec-2009 03:51 pm - The Journey of my Life...
Salaam wearesphinx

Date: 24th July, 2003

The last day of our 4th sem exams in JNNCE. The day (and of course, the many days n nights before) when my mind was performing somersaults over this matter, a matter for which dunno when I had decided - “this is it”. But yes, I had eventually made my mind that I am gonna “go for the kill” (or rather say “get killed”)
Cant forget those innumerable nights when we (Sapto, KK and I mostly) sat on the steps of Tunga Hostel and discussed the pros n cons of what I was going to do. As they were my good friends, they advised me to take a deep breath and plunge into the ocean and speak out what I wanted to – yes, I was going to propose this girl

Coming back to the D Day.. The last exam was in progress. I was literally waiting to get through the passing marks and looked regularly for the clock to tick over those 2 ½ hours. Eventually I came out, with a vision and mission on my mind, with lots of good friends as manpower who would be helping me to execute “The ULTIMATE PLAN”

Yes, it was a foolproof plan (atleast that’s what we thought), and we all had taken our respective positions. The initiators, Manish and KK (accompanied by Pandu I think) had the toughest task to get the girl out of her group and take her to a place which I considered a safe n sound place to talk to her. Just at the moment when they had to perform this task, they eventually got more interested in liking the trees and birds’ chirping around and missed the girl completely
So we had to come out with an immediate PLAN B, and dunno whose idea was it, but we decided to give the task to Sapto, who was very reluctant esp as he had to lie and play a small game with this girl, whom he had recently bonded as her brother. But as he has been, always there for his friends, he eventually agreed that he will take this chance. He went and very surprisingly got her out with lots of ease.
But then there were some other characters which I never had even imagined in my worst dreams. The Super Senior of ours, who had a big crush on this lady, also wanted to talk to her. Sapto stayed calm and handled it pretty well, and eventually got her out from the reach of those monsters.

And finally she was there, just we two in a corner of the most antique building of our college. I had T-Rex dancing in my stomach and we initially started with some casual talks. Though she was always confused why I had to call her ALONE at such time and such place. Not to make her go more mad about the deal there, I eventually threw it out and (if some of you don’t know) said “Will you become Megha in my real life ?
She had no clue why I said so, and she was sure that’s another prank which me and my friends had in store for the last day of our 4th sem exams. Slowly I started explaining her what I want and things like that. As I had expected, she didn’t like the idea much and was greatly concerned if it was matured enough thought from this prankster and told me to chill. We talked for some more time and then she left. Though I did not get much positive vibes but I was happy that I spoke out about it to her

And I headed towards Srini dhaba, and all the PLANners were waiting for having some pegs of chai and sutta as treat :-)

Things were certainly not great between both of us for few days but still we were in good talking terms, though this time I was doing more of the talkings and trying to convince her that it would be possible.
Gradually it started getting much better and we had started with the toughest journey of our lives I guess


Date: 20th December, 2009

And now it’s the time to let you all know that FINALLY our parents have agreed to get us married. Haan dosto.. its all set now :-)

We had been trying for the past 2-3 years to convince our parents and now as its decided, I wanted to share it first with you all guys.
And to reward us for our mammoth efforts for the last 8 years, God had blessed us with 2 marriages – yes first one will be done in Manipal and then the second one will be Lucknow, to ensure that we don’t have to mix the our customs and both the families are happy for the marriage getting done in their respective styles

The dates are 24th May, 2010 (Manipal) and 29th May 2010 (Lucknow).
More details will be coming in few days

Thanks a lot to all of you for your support during college times and esp Sapto and Divya, you both had helped us tremendously throughout. Sach me, I dunno how feasible it would have been without you both. Thanks a ton yaar
Thanks to KK, Mayank, Rishi and all of you again, who stayed with me always and helped me reach my destination.

Indeed the past 3 years have been very testing times for me and Seema. For the majority of this time, Seema had to handle it all alone facing her parents and the issues at both sides and she did it beautifully and proved how much she wanted to be in this relationship. I was very skeptical of how she will face it when I had to come to US leaving her all alone to face it on her own most of the times.
Kudos to you my sweetheart !!! You have certainly come out as a tougher individual and you deserve a standing ovation from all of us. Love you the most..

I know I am one of the first ppl to share such kind of news to all of you and know very soon we will hear similar ones from our dearest friends as well..

Take care guys, thanks again.. Love you all
16th-Nov-2009 05:00 pm - Little refresher
Remember this???


I think we should have continued it and consolidated.... :D
8th-Oct-2009 02:43 pm - Bye to Bangalore..
Hey there. How u all doing?

A news from my sides (I and hiral).

We are moving back this sunday for gujarat.
On paper reason is no projects. But I had a verbal fight with my director some 15-20 days back. Then things started turning weired.
I was told for my termination some 8-10 days later. I accepted it as I wanted to resign on the same day of fight.

Last meeting with CMD on 2nd oct. actually turned out to be something different than they projected.
After the conversation he offered me to continue till the project ends. He regrets loop holes in the professionalism from their side(s). Though I am on same decision.

It's a Long story.

BTW: Met Mohen, Murli in last month. It was great to meet them after such a long time.

Okay go to the link, been too lazy to transfer this pics.

4th-Oct-2009 09:43 pm - Happy Bday Chaitu
In Blue
All u sleeping giants...

Lets wish Chaitu today.. its his Bday

Happy Bday Chaitu, hope you get something there to enjoy today.. have a blast.. remember kuch nahi mila to daru hai na ;-)
10th-Sep-2009 10:25 am - Read it
Check this out. One more from 'SapSphere'.



Without diluting charm of the thing mentioned above, something loose i got from some where:

A for apple!
B for bada apple!
C for chhota apple!
D for dusra apple!
E for ek aur apple!
F for fokat ka apple!
G for gol apple!
H for hazar apple!
I for itne saare apple!
J for jao nahi khaana hai apple!
K for kaise nahi khaayenge apple!
L for lena padega tum ko apple!
M for mujhe nahi chahiye itne apple!
N for naa nahi kehte kyun ke yeh hai apple!
O for oh to tum ne kha daale yeh saare apple!
P for pet bhar ke khao apple!
Q for qismat mein nahi hoti hai sab ke, yeh apple!
R for roz agar khao tum apple!
S for sehatmand rahoge khaoge agar tum apple!
T for tum ko nahi milenge itne achhe apple!
U for udhar ki nahi hai yeh apple!
V for very tasty hai yeh apple!
W for waste na karo time aur kha lo jaldi se apple!
X for X’mas mei bhi khane padenge apple!
Y for yun na chehra phero dekh ke apple!
Z for zaroor dil bhaar gaya hoga kha ke itne saare apple!!!
2nd-Sep-2009 12:34 pm - A big step for me...
In Blue
Salaam wearesphinx

I wanted to share a big news from my side. I am quitting Infosys and Sept 4th is my last day with Infosys.
I am joining Herbalife and will be moving back to Los Angeles (California).

It is indeed a huge step for me and a tough one too as I was kinda much loyal to Infy for long time. But there were few things in last 1 year and the changing management/policies of Infy which are not that employee friendly now (IMHO) as it used to be before. I would be wrong to say if money was not a crucial factor for this change, yes of course it had a heavy impact on my decision.
I am definitely proud to have the Infoscion tag with me. Infosys has really given me so much exposure to the industry and of course its process-oriented work is really commendable and I know it will help me a lot in my future endeavors.

Some 1.5 months back, got to know that Herbalife had few positions open and I talked to them. They said they would be happy to take me and no interview was required. The only point of discussion was the pay package and we came to a consensus for 86k USD (including the allowances, benefits) per year. That's not a very high pay but a decent enough hike for me w.r.t to the current market conditions.
So i started with the formalities and now its fully completed. Sept 4th is my last day with Infy, I will be taking a break for a week and may join Herbalife on Sept 14th :-)

I know now I am no longer in a company which gave the max job assurance in the market. According to the California law I can be fired anytime by the Company if needed :D without any advance notice period. Had to take this risk and hope it pays off well.

My Visa has also been extended during the transfer process and I may stay in LA till Sept 2012 unless I wanna come back to India or I am fired (touchwood)
I surely have plans to finally settle down in India. Though Herbalife will be applying for my Green Card too, but I wont wait that long for sure

I know I have not been much regular in posting recently; mostly because not much there to update from my end. As I have been, I am regularly checking LJ though

Take care you all
28th-Aug-2009 10:11 am - Deepak's Dilema !
Hey friends,

A situation here,

Deepak just told me y'day to find out, the calling from SKYPE and similar things..
I tried to find out for Skype, Vonage, AT & T and NET2PHONE.

He pays around 40Rs/Min for (satellite) calls in india..

So any of you got any idea how should he call from Ship? He has got full internet facility.. and roams around globe as all know..

He need to call both Landline & Mobile....

Kuch confusion lage to ask...

Post expires in 1 day...

I found Skype a good option..But few of ur from US might be using better..so update on that..

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