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The Sphinx Community
Joie De Vivre
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27th-Sep-2010 11:40 pm - Bad News from my end.
On 17th Sep I met with a serious accident while on duty on a bike in the plant. I am fortunate to be alive but crushed my right leg. It was operated the same day and a Stainless Steel rod has been inserted along with four screws. I might take 3-4 months to recover and the rod will only removed a year after.
9th-Sep-2010 01:23 am - Hi

Kya bhailog,

kyse ho saalo? Saalo ke baad mile hai, kyse ho
Ab pandu baba ke shayeri sunke man mein bhakti jaag rahi hai

koyi to kuch aur post karo
3rd-Aug-2010 10:56 pm - Happy birthday Sapto
Many Many Happy Returns of the Day Diplo.
8th-Mar-2010 03:19 pm - Mere yaar ki shaadi hein
This summer is goona be special as wedding rings would be heard all around with so many marriages in the sphinx family. Most special will be vishal and seemas marriage with both being old sphinx members and both marrying each other twice which makes the happiness 4 times. Finally the longest standing love opera which chaitu has been seeing from his childhood days is gonna culminate into a marriage.

By the way as most of the people will be visiting the manipal  wedding could you all guys from bangalore please confirm how  you all are planning to come. I suggest we all go together in a car or bus to get a proper shaadi wala feeling. Vishal has been crying foul as most people are travelling to manipal. He is telling "Kash mein bhi maal hota tab tum log saab lucknow aaate".  So please guys try to attend the lucknow wala shaadi also to assure vishal that he is a maal tooo ;-). 

Question of the day?
What was the line that vishal told seema to propose her?
27th-Feb-2010 05:43 pm - Patakha news

Ek pataakhedaar news hai, ye saala Sapto jo college me itna hero banta tha.. and Andies ke itne gungaan karta tha, wo is samay (March 27th, 7:30 PM EST) ek Telugu movie dekhne gaya hai, wo bhi theatre me

ha ha ha ha
saala.. Chaitu, i can see u jumping :-) yahi time hai tera.. hit back hard
And Sapto keeps checking LJ regularly, so everyone is open to pour in your views
9th-Feb-2010 09:51 pm - Little Dream...
Salam WRS,

Everyone dreams about small small happiness. Well, WRS was started with this very idea. "We dare to dream".

I also dared... Now here I am...

Yes bhailog, I fulfilled another small part of my dream...

Our first CAR.... Yesterday I got it... Well, it's hard to explain what I felt when the dealer handed over the key to me and I sat behind the wheel...
Kya batayun... Feeling like getting drunk like anything and get everyone drunk...

Check the pix

From Our First Car

From Our First Car

From Our First Car

From Our First Car

From Our First Car

Me and D took together. His car is yet... May be this weekend we are going to have a car purchase celebration. Wait for more pix....
29th-Jan-2010 02:13 am(no subject)
I got a job in Gujarat Apollo. Basically into Manufacturing of Heavy Machineries used in road construction. Ill be working in Apollo Earthmover (assembly) Plant. This is newest and 6th unit of the group. (http://www.apollo.co.in/) Good is, pick-up and drop would be there from near by my home. As it's 20 kms away. Place is called Khatraj, Kalol Taluk,G'nagar Dist. Hope you get it now.

I'll need to start things all over again as a fresher as this would be my 1st exp. in product industry.
As told to me, I'll be co-ordinating manufacturing, assembly and sales in near future.
Salary pehle se kamm hai, because of various reasons. But I feel no prob. Sala 1 co. me 1 month muft me offer karke aaya tha.

BTW Hiral ko kuch din pehle job laga...She is promoting a resort in A'bad corporates for Professional utilities like conferences, meets, training prog etc. (http://www.khanvelresort.com/ ) She is enjoying it but need quite travelling though unlink B'lore.

Chalo bhaiyo and bhabhiyo,
Take Care.
8th-Jan-2010 02:57 am - Coming Soon !!! Tomorrow....
Visit here, and see something we have not came across since we left shimoga.

Me Time pass aur TT ko promote kar ne ke liye kuch bhi kar sakta hu.
Check video.

Hi, Sharing pics of a recent trip during X'mas. Pics and Vids are not edited but hope u have patients to watch them. Max. pics are taken randomly from moving car.

This is complete album with pics and vids of a rock competetion held in a'bad. Agni Band was there to entertain too. Some other random pics will be there too. :)

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